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Doc’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce


Doc’s Jamaican Hot Sauce

Made with only high quality, all-natural ingredients, our gluten-free sauces containNO high fructose corn syrup, NO GMOs, NO preservatives and NO food coloring.


We are proud to announce that both of our sauces are winners in this year’s Scovie Awards!

And winners in last year’s…

“The Hot Pepper Awards, NYC” 
2013 Award Winners: 
“Doc’s Jamaican Hot Sauce”  
3rd place in Caribbean category
“Doc’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce”  
2nd place in Unique category

Let’s Talk About HEAT


Traditional authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce is made with Scotch Bonnet hot peppers; a very important ingredient for flavor and believe me, they are fiery hotGiven the importance of the Scotch Bonnet pepper as a major flavor-ingredient, how does one create a sauce that maintains authenticity and at the same time won’t send our heat-shy brethren running for the hills screaming for a fire extinguisher? The answer and the solution ultimately comes to us via a cousin of the Scotch Bonnet pepper: Our original and unique Doc’s Darling Caribbean Red pepper. Unlike its fiery Scotch Bonnet cousin, our Doc’s Darlings have only a fraction of the heat but all the flavor! 

Now everyone, regardless of their tolerance to hot peppers, can finally experience authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce and the wonders it bestows on pork, chicken, beef, fish and veggies. If you bake it or grill it, it can be Jerk-a-fide folks!

Do not be timid. 
Do not be shy. 
Do not fear the heat. 
The heat be tamed Mon, the heat be tamed.